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ASO for corporate social responsability

More than forty years after its foundation, the ASO Group is still committed to supporting and promoting numerous social, cultural and sporting events for the benefit of its workforce, the local community and anyone else in need.

Focus on female workers

ASO has introduced numerous facilities to support its female employees. The main benefits include an innovative system of flexible working hours for pregnant workers throughout their pregnancy, flexible parental leave, reversible part-time work, an hour bank scheme for workers with young children and parking areas reserved for mothers. ASO has also put in place special breast-cancer screening for the female members of the workforce.

Charter of Equal Opportunities and Equality in the Workplace

The ASO Group adheres to the Charter of Equal Opportunities and Equality in the Workplace, a declaration of intent signed voluntarily by companies and intended to promote a corporate culture and a human resources policy that are all-inclusive, free from discrimination and prejudice, and enhance talent in all its diversity.

Study grants

The ASO Group awards yearly study grants to young science graduates and deserving secondary school and university students.

No profit

The ASO Group has contributed to the purchase of first-aid equipment and disabled transport facilities and raised funds in support of eathquake victims, local social organisations and the Civil Defence Corps, and to improve road conditions near the production plant.


The ASO Group actively supports the local rugby, amateur cycling, basketball and junior football teams.