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Special steel division

Aso Siderurgica and ASO Forge

ASO Siderurgica, the ASO Group’s parent company, was established in 1971 and specialises in the production of large special steel ingots and forged bars, mainly for application in the oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation, aerospace, mechanical and naval industries.  The company’s background combines Brescia’s traditional vocation for steel-making with state-of-the-art plant engineering and metallurgical technologies.

ASO Siderurgica’s Hot Division covers two separate production sites: 

  • one is a steel mill equipped with a 50-tonne electric arc furnace, a 30-tonne induction furnace, three ladle furnaces, three vacuum degassing systems, controlled ingot-cooling hoods, 14 heat treatment furnaces, an AOD converter, and various VAR and ESR systems; 
  • the other has handled integrated production since 2010 and forges steel bars from the steel mill; equipment includes forging presses, pre-heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and tanks, and a mechanical workshop.

The Group has developed a strategy in line with the need to extend the production chain to help it meet the new challenges of international markets as comprehensively as possible and consistent with its corporate mission.

Frequent structural and technological interventions and routine staff training enable ASO Siderurgica to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality, a reliable product and flexibility in meeting customer requirements.


Video ASO Forge

Video ASO SIderurgica