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Aso siderurgica and the environment

The ASO Group has always focused on respect for the environment and compliance with the laws put in place to safeguard it. ASO continues to implement protocols and plant upgrades to keep its environmental impact well below the thresholds established by law. 

ASO’s respectful relationship with the environment is the result of numerous projects, direct interventions and successful partnerships.

RAMET consortium

The ASO Group is a founder member of RAMET, a consortium that conducts environmental research for metallurgy and is promoted by the Brescian Industrialists Association. In collaboration with Brescia University, it implements measures for monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of its metallurgical production sites in the province of Brescia. 

Slag Rec - ECO-Innovation

The ASO Group, jointly with two leading European companies, are perfecting the Slag Rec, a machine for treating EAF slag, which can be fully recycled and used in the production of bituminous mixes and concrete structures. Slag Rec has been patented and it has received numerous awards and European funding in support of the Eco-Innovation policy.

Reduction of noise and air pollution

In order to reduce its acoustic impact and atmospheric emissions, the ASO Group has recently renewed its filtering system, leading to more efficient off gas extraction and a reduction in noise levels. The electric arc furnace is installed in a building with excellent sound insulation.

In 1999, the group aligned its smelting furnace with Italy’s first dioxin measuring and removal system, which is still one of the very few of its kind in existence.

The main plans in the pipeline include a weather station and a continuous emission monitoring system with absolutely reliable performance that goes well beyond the regulatory requirements. They will provide data on the prevailing conditions, based on which further improvements can be scheduled to reduce impact on the local community. 

The ASO Group has also built a treed embankment to screen the production site as far as possible and provide an efficient noise barrier for the local residents. 

Green areas have also been created at the plant in Castegnato and the company has donated xx trees for one of the parks in the town. 

The ASO Group upgraded its entire pollution-preventing systems in 2009 and built new facilities in 2013 to reduce atmospheric emissions.

Heat recovery

The ASO Group has filed a utility patent and has installed an induction furnace to recover all the thermal energy from the residual molten steel in the ladles at the end of the casting process, which would otherwise be lost. As a result of this effort, ASO is now in possession of energy efficiency credits (EEC), so-called white certificates.

Photovoltaic plant

The ASO Group has installed a series of photovoltaic panels to help reduce its energy impact and promote the use of clean energy.