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Hydraulic components division


In 2011 ASO Siderurgica took over SPS S.p.A., which is now fully incorporated into the group and has twenty years’ experience processing CHROMED steel bars, which are mainly used in the automotive, lifting and earth-moving sectors. Its strengths are a full product range and constant improvement in terms of quality and product verticalization. 

The company produces a very wide range of chromed bars made of low/medium/high alloy steels in various grades for many different applications. 

The materials used for specific applications are C53 tempered steel (for high specific pressures, e.g. ball bushings), 42CrMo4 hardened and hardened & tempered steel (for high-stress applications, e.g. piston rods for cylinders mounted on earth-moving machinery) and other low-inclusion materials which have excellent friction welding properties.