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“ASO Siderurgica SPA is a leading manufacturer of forge ingots that has managed to maintain its top-ranking market position thanks to its policy of providing regular personnel training, continuous improvement in manufacturing processes and heavy well-targeted investments, all in view of achieving the highest possible quality, in complete safety and respecting the environment. 

ASO draws up plans and adopts methods to provide a more effective and more efficient customer service in terms of rapid examination of inquiries, advice on metallurgical matters, in-time deliveries and assessment of the supply results. 

This method of operation has become routine and involves all the departments throughout the organisation.”

Aldo Artioli


“As part of its policy to expand its presence in different business sectors, the ASO Group has improved its versatility and strengthened its international presence by focusing on producing the special steel grades and alloys for high-tech applications.”

Integrazione 2013


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High grade- and alloy steel must be present in the essential components of plant and infrastructures in all advanced technology sectors.


Ethics and transparency 


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Being the best

Changing to improve

Focusing on people