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Our customer care policy

Customer confidence is our credential

Customer satisfaction has always been given priority as we are well aware that customers are our main asset and are very precious to us.

Our products and services are tailored to the customer’s requirements: we use the skills we have developed in 40 years’ experience to develop the solution that best suits the needs of each customer.

A rewarding approach for strengthening our customer relations is to assist them right from the start, with an efficient commercial and administrative service to respond promptly to their specific requirements.

In our dealings with customers we establish a close relationship based on trust and common objectives, knowing that their success is ours success.

We encourage and implement regular customer feedback to improve the quality of our service, organisation and products and to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

We give priority to innovative influential customers who share with us ambitious plans based on long-term cooperation to enable us to raise the standard of quality as part of a philosophy of “technological humanism”.

A customer is not merely a code or contract number, it is the driving force of our activity, and all our employees are trained to provide an impeccable service and ensure that what we do always comes up to the customer’s expectations.