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52” special steel bars, a possible task with ASO

Project Description

Around mid-2012, North America’s largest manufacturer of flat products and leading global supplier of forged and rolled rings to large multinationals, such as FMC, Siemens, General Electric, Alstom, Cameron and Caterpillar, reported problems producing a particularly thick kind of ring.

It was unable to achieve the required degree of purity using the traditional ingot forging and rolling method. After trying various alternatives, the company asked ASO if we could make material of this type. They required 52” bars, an impossible task for most of the world’s steel mills and forges.

The main problem was achieving enough reduction to allow forging and rolling and get the degree of purity required by the customer. Following a careful analysis and an open exchange of information, ASO was able to supply the first part by the set deadline by coordinating production, quality control and logistics departments.

The customer tested the material and found it easy to produce the ring, so they ordered several hundred tonnes of the same type of forged bar. This enabled them to supply the end user with the right kind of material, with no wastage and a considerable reduction in terms of energy consumption, time and costs. This earned ASO a loyal customer who has increased its orders for special and stainless steel grades for forging and rolling.

Project Details

Manufacture of rolled rings

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