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Chromed piston rods for earth-moving machinery

Project Description

ASO SPS was invited to supply one of Italy’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles and earth-moving machinery with chromed piston rods to drawing to go into their hydraulic cylinders. Initially SPS just handled the chrome-plating process, but the customer soon asked it them to handle the entire production process, from manufacture of the finished part to final machining prior to assembly. This allowed on one hand product verticalization for the supplier and on the other, process simplification for the customer.

First of all, ASO SPS produced a prototype to the customer’s specifications. Then, following a joint analysis of dynamics, processes and strengths, ASO SPS was able to develop the entire production process in-house, and supplied the customer with a guaranteed finished product and considerable value added.

Having a finished item made by a single supplier able to handle all the stages of production offered advantages in terms of easier contact and consistency with regards to quality control and processes.

The investment by ASO SPS, which took upon itself all the engineering and production aspects, gave the customer a superior quality finished product at a competitive price and gave ASO SPS a competitive edge over its rivals, who still had to contract out some stages of the process, a considerable drawback in terms of outlay, logistics and lead times.



Project Details

Earth-moving machinery

From Feb. 2013