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Forged bars, when the verticalization makes the difference

Project Description

A forging customer of ours that operates in nearly all our outlet markets (oil & gas, energy and mechanical engineering) came to us to buy large blanks for an important job in the petrochemicals industry.

Having a press of a limited capacity, the customer could not take on the job. Due to installation constraints, they could not have guaranteed a product to the customer’s specifications.

We were able to supply the company with a semi-finished product (forged bar) with the desired characteristics, giving them access to highly challenging (previously off-limits) work and optimising their forging process.
This gave our customers numerous advantages, the main ones being optimised manufacturing times and processes, rationalised production costs and greater availability of production capacity for making other finished products.

As a rule, users who purchase blanks seek an efficient service, so the quality of the service (flexibility, reactivity, prompt deliveries, wide dimensional range) as well as product quality and conformity guarantee business continuity and customer loyalty, both of which help increase sales volumes in the long run.

Project Details

Petrochemicals industry

From 2009