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Research, innovation and quality


The ASO Group has always invested in researching new steel grades and in 2012 it set up ASOCUBE, a fully fledged in-house department dedicated to research, product development and innovation serving all the group’s business units. 

ASOCUBE’s “knowledge task force” interacts with all the business unit departments and covers three integrated areas: laboratory, technology and method. R&D activities are also carried out in collaboration with various universities. 

ASOCUBE is an operating department that is part of the production process and promotes Group innovation. It has a modernly equipped test laboratory and a team of experts in metallurgy, economics and mechanical engineering.

With ASOCUBE, the ASO Group develops new production projects, monitors production processes, interacts with the sales department to respond promptly to customers’ specific requests, resolves problems and develops tailor-made products.

Constant focus on innovation and upgrading of plant and machinery allows the Group to maintain a high quality standard.