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Project Green Jobs

On April 26 and May 13, 2016, ASO Siderurgica S.p.A. will host four classes of the Institute Marzoli of Palazzolo under the PROJECT GREEN JOBS promoted by Fondazione Cariplo in cooperation with Associazione Industriale Bresciana – AIB) This project aims to promote environmental sustainability at the local level, identifying the work and professions in the field of Green Economy (Green Jobs) a part of youth employment and development potential, thus helping to promote the meeting …Read More

The “bridge” with the end customers passing through the quality

In a changing market, companies must find new ways to assist customers and make progress at the same time in their own business. This is also true in the steel business and a prime example, though not the only one, comes from the ASO Group of Brescia who decided to put a face to the word “quality.” The engineer Massimo Svanera, eight years in power to the group, in fact, …Read More

ASO participates in EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014

From 12 to 16 of May, our technicians Alberto Paderni and Corrado Giuliari attented an interesting international technical conference dedicated to the nickel-based superalloy and cobalt and their applications (EUROSUPERALLOYS 2014). The congress was held in Giens French Riviera, France. During the meeting several topics were addressed, divided into the following sections: Deformation and damage Mechanisms: Creep; Alloy Development: Ni base alloys; Alloy development: Co-based alloys; Deformation and Damage Mechanisms: …Read More

TRADITIONAL ingots vs. REMELTED, Comparing Metallurgical Results

  • http://www.asogroupsteel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/special-steel-ingots-remelted-esr.png
  • http://www.asogroupsteel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/esr-ingots-special-steel3.jpg
  • http://www.asogroupsteel.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/esr-ingots-special-steel2.jpg

As everyone know, remelted ingots are, from a purely metallurgical point of view, preferable to the traditional bottom poured ingots because of a series of reason. For a better understanding, we compared characteristics of a remelted ingot around 40tons, with a poly ingot with a similar traversal section of 1500mm and a gross weight near 32tons. Look at this power point that we used during the 2nd International Conference Rolling …Read More

Forge a double challenge for the ‘Made in Italy’

In the viewfinder excess capacity and new outlets Excess capacity and internationalization. These two challenges for the domestic sector of the forge, in which Brescia plays an undisputed protagonist: with a turnover of around EUR 700 million and a market share of over one-third of Italian production, the province is a leader in the country despite a reduction turnover in excess of 15 % recorded between 2007 and 2012. Commitments …Read More